Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Friend Kena Samun...

Last night(18/09/2012), terkejut baca tweet mengatakan Kak Ayu di samun and kereta dia di larikan...terpanic ok aku masa baca...worried...mcmna keadaan Kak Ayu...Walaupun baru hanya sekali jumpa Kak Ayu...and sekali sekala je kacau dia kat tweet or facebook...but aku still consider dia friend...Bawah aku copy paste dari note Kak Ayu kat Facebook...

Came out form office and I saw quite a massive traffic at Jalan Tun Razak heading to Sg Besi. Hey, what's new. Rerouted myself at Bulatan Pandan heading to DUKE. Long reroute but faster road to PJ. 
After the tol, moving towards PJ at the Mont Kiara flyover (where you can see the new Istana) a white proton with plate number WVR 876 hit my white SE MyVi, plate WHB 1661
I stopped. It was quiet a loud bang. Called my family member and close one but the reception was so poor. Then I move my car. A loud scretching sound at my tyre when I started to slowly drove away. 
And in a second, I was pull away and pushed on the highway by two indian and one more indian rushed in my backseat. The driver opens the window where I don't know where I got a strenght from and I ran towards my car and tried to pull the key where I was pushed again on the road. 
Alhamdulillah Allah protected me that I was not hit by any cars and they were not armed to hurt me. The only thing I have with me is my mobile phone which I hold trying to call my close ones to inform about the so called accident. 
My mobile phone was all over the road. I screamed "YA ALLAH" non stop and I pick up my mobile, fixed the battery and started to call my close ones again. 
While I walked along the highway searching for help. 
There's one patrol car passed by and I was screaming waiving etcs but they didn't see or noticed me. I kept on walking while managed to get hold of my close ones. 
And I saw another patrol car across the road. Yes, the other side of the highway. I am very dissapointed at that point because as I scream "Encik.. Tolong saya dirompak.." The officer yelled back and said to me "lintas datang sini..saya tak dengar apa awak cakap.." 
Ya Allah... I'm alone in the middle of a highway and screaming for help to an authority and that's the remark I get? 
At this time, the SPRINT Peronda was also on duty. They stopped because they saw me and asked what happened. ALHAMDULILLAH. I told them I was robbed and hijacked and they offer me a ride to the nearest police station. On the way to the police station, they offers me a mobile car charger which helps a lot for me to call and update my close ones. They even spread the tragedy around using their radio to all necessary channels. Alhamdulillah. 
I was brought to Balai Polis Damansara Utama. Reaching there, I rushed myself to the counter and was calmed by the officers. They asked me to call banks and etc first and blocked the necessary. 
My close ones arrived. My mom hugged me and we cried. Typed report. Was asked a lot of quest etcs. And suddenly there's an officer who came from no where and said "saya nampak awak tadi saya kejar kenderaan tersebut tetapi gagal..." :( 
Continue with the report. 
Report done and was submitted online to Balai Polis Travers. Don't asked me why. My case is under Inspector Eliza but she couldn't attend me yet due to some other more important cases. So I was told to go back home and wait for her call. Hurmmmmm. 
My BIL asked for some protection to our house because my house key + address (in my IC) is in the car. And my BIL questioned about pengesahan to the report. The answer "hanya boleh dibuat pada waktu pejabat". We asked for the nearest police station that can do the pengesahan di luar waktu pejabat and we are headed to Balai Polis Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, next. 
Rushed there for pengesahan and went back home. 
I didn't sleep the whole night. The memories kept coming in. I even remember the face of the one who drove away my car. The tshirt he wore. His voice. Every single thing. 
Clean myself and done with prayers. I thanked Allah that I'm ok. 
But I finish typing this note... I feel a lot of bruises and aching here and there. :( 

Alhamdulillah. I'm all ok. 

But my WaHaB, my important documents, one of my hantaran trays gift, my external hard drive, my purse, few things that I bought for my engagement this weekend is ALL GONE. 

I seek help to those who saw any white MyVi dented on the right side behind wheel...pls tell me no matter where. The plate definitely has been changed by now. And who ever by any means found my personal belongings (IC, license) that has my name SITI AMIHA AYU pls contact me soonest possible. 

I am still traumatised. 
And sad. 
Tq for all the concern and notes I received from all of you. 

To my close ones, tq for being there and helped me through. 

Ya Allah please protect my close ones. Ayu redha with all the things that have gone. Allah knows best. Allah tau apa yang terbaik untuk kita. If the car were locked (which I didn't reliase when), they could have force open my car and I don't know what will happen to me. 
All the belongings that I have personal attachment to it of course, I don't how ii will get it back but I hope I will get it back still. 

Please pray for me. Tq for everything.

Plz do spread this news...share this...let's help Kak Ayu...

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